SIM17 – 2020

Hello form the first generation of SIMocean! We are a group of 6 international students from the University of St. Gallen. This year, as part of the SIMagination Challenge, we launched a new project called “SIMocean”, which focuses on tackling plastic pollution in the oceans. ?

Here are the lovely SIMoceanese (from left to right):
Hui from China ??, Giovanni from Italy ??, Manuel from Italy ??, Philipp from Austria ??, Marco from Italy ??, and Pavani from India ??.


“Before I joined this amazing project, maybe like most of you, I knew the terrible situation of plastic pollution in our beloved ocean, but I never took proactive actions to help. Now, I’m here, I’m taking actions, and please join us to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic and support us to clean the ocean! Let’s make our world a better and cleaner place!

I love ocean, I love marine life, just like every one of you do.”


“We decided to start SIMocean because we felt the need to take action in a very serious and overwhelming problem: plastic pollution. Our vision encompasses a 360 ° approach to tackle plastic pollution, looking at the root causes of it, educating people on plastic recycling, and taking a tangible approach in collecting the plastic that is already out there.

I am very excited to start this project with a wonderful team of incredible students!”


“The ocean is said to be Earth’s life support. Yet, at the rate we are polluting it, with around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic a year, the damage we are doing to marine life and our ecosystem is becoming frightfully irreparable. I wholeheartedly believe it is imperative to take action against it now.

We at SIMocean are catalysts of change and we urge you to embark with us on this exciting journey. Each of us is cause and solution at the same time. Virtus unita fortior agit, only by acting together we can preserve the beauty of the world we too often forget we are granted “


“I chose and already love our Project because we are 6 super motivated people who wanna clean up this planet. All of us know that plastic is a huge global challenge by now. Everyone has a stake in it and we as a team decided to chip in and help changing the status quo. We want to keep this planet and all its beings and plants on it as incredible (and clean!) As they deserve to be”


“We chose to start SIMocean with the goal of reducing the amount of plastic in the environment. We want to tackle this problem with a 360-degree approach which entails not only collecting and recycling, but also educating, increasing awareness, and working on the root causes of this problem. Plastic pollution affects all of us, so, join us and take action!

I’m really excited to start this project together with my incredibly talented team!”


“SIMocean to me is an opportunity where I can bring change to this humongous plastic menace that is choking the oceans and its marine life.
We are a wonderful team, working on transforming a small community by implementing a circular model of collecting the plastic, upcycling it into useful products so that we create a sustainable financial means for the community. I am super excited to be part of this project and the amazing team.

However, every drop in the ocean counts. Therefore, I urge each one of you to be the waves of change against plastic pollution because it is our responsibility to comfortably hide a livable world to the future generations!”